Colloidal Silver with Bench Power Supply

A very good friend brought up the topic of Colloidal silver. As always, my insomniac tendencies spent far too much time reading on the manufacture of this substance. Many sites suggested using batteries, odd “current limiting diodes” or the purchase devices costing hundreds of dollars.  There’s general consensus on the internet that a Constant Current generator […]

eFlow Firmware v0.0.1

eFlow v0.0.1 is complete. Please consider this as Beta software. It has been tested to assure that the functions behave as expected, though boundary tests have not been completed. That will begin in the v0.0.2 firmware. Features Network Admin Mode to set the SSID and IP address Realtime view of process conditions in your reflow oven […]

eFlow – The Wifi Reflow Oven Controller

eFlow – The Wifi Reflow Oven Controller Back in 2005 I begun assembling hobby circuits using surface mount components and in 2006 built(ish) my first reflow oven. I say built(ish) because other than using writing  “Not for food” on the door with a sharpie and using thermocouple attached to an inexpensive multimeter, there was nothing […]

Tile on Keychain

Tile Locator Hard Wired Into TV Remote

The Tile Bluetooth Locator is an amazing little device. My first Tile was from my wonderful wife purchased during the run of the original KickStarter and the second was given as an award by my employer (VMware). Unfortunately, the tile has been designed with planned obsolesce of 1 year after purchase. Considering the design constraints, this really not […]