Segmented Home Network

I remember my first home network. I was living in my parents home and ran a null modem cable between two computers with a LapLink Cable. After that, my home network evolved to thinnet, 10BASE-T and then 100BASE-T. I was the envy of my friends when I purchased a network switch — at the time everyone else used network hubs. My first router was a home built Linux server on the 2.0.x kernel with ipfwadm at the core with an always connected 28.8kbps modem for connectivity.

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Custom Fertilizers for Hydroponics, Houseplants and Outdoor Gardens (Part 1) – The Story

This article is split into three parts. Part 1 – The Story Part 2 – Science Part 3 – Let’s do it!   Some time back my home was full of furniture, couches and wall art but was missing something … living plants. There were a few “plants”, but only if you would count plastic shrubbery has plants. There was the plastic tree, plastic plant, and plastic flowers. You could tell that someone (me) spent some time at “Michaels Arts and Crafts”. After realizing that my plastic plants were covered…

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