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“Agile isn’t one thing. Agile is a set of techniques and the primary technique of Agile is Continuous Improvement.” – Jm Casler

While Agile concepts and the various modalities of Agile were conceptualized for Software Development, Agile has been successfully implemented in many places outside of software. It’s seen use in managing construction projects, hardware development, planning weddings & honeymoons, managing customer support teams and maintaining initiatives for Human Resource groups.

There are many flavors of Agile with Scrum being the most popular but teams may decide on different forms. What they all have in common is they provide a well known framework of patterns that you may utilize. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when someone else has done it for you.

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  1. What is Agile? Why be Agile?
  2. The Manifesto
  3. Philosophy
  4. Modalities
    1. Choices
      1.  Scrum
        1. Overview
        2. Scrum Master
        3. Product Owner
        4. Team
      2. Kanban
      3. Extreme Programming
      4. LEAN
    2. Comparison
    3. How to Choose?
  5. Practices
  6. Challenges
    1. Testing
    2. Vacation
    3. Cross Training