Toast Car Pictures

Burning Man 2022:

While visions of sugar plums may dance in some heads, after dancing & drinking, toast is the delight some derelicts desire at night. The Toast(c)ar is a magical vision from Burner dreams: a life where everyday objects have come to life, and are friends that want to help you out. Black Rock participants will find this giant ridable Toaster a fantasy brought to life.

Toastcar Mission Statement:

The intent I seek, is a small personal iconic vehicle that would interact one on one with Black Rock citizens. In the future, I aim to assist disabled/sick Burners to BM by gifting them unique safe transportation intended to allow them to have greater interaction at events by enhancing their mobility & making travel fun. This is the first part in building a series of small art cars intended for this population. 

This car is aimed to assist differently abled individuals on Playa, I believe it helps to advance public perceptions of inclusion. I hope to role model ways Burners of all ability levels can interact with their community. As a novice part of the maker community, I hope to be able motive anyone interested to find help in their community mutant vehicles, as well as to feel capable or helping or making their own mutant vehicle. 

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