Coaching Approach

Every new engagement is always unique. There’s no one tried and true prescriptive solution for every problem. As a coach, approaching a new team with phrases such as “this is how it must be done” will put you in the position of a consultant or someone who doesn’t recognize the reality of the business you are working with.

There are five steps to approach a team. This is a tool just as much as it is a set of techniques.

  • Observe all the systems
    • Have discussions with team members and leadership.
    • Review activities and projects that members have been involved with.
    • Identify patterns of individual strengths.
  • What have you observed?
    • How’s the team currently structured?
    • How well does the team work together?
    • Is there a history of why things are the way they are?
  • Define a goal or goals
    • Who will you work with to define and refine your goals?
    • Is this a stretch goal or a goal you want to hit?
  • What is the desired result?
    • This can be seen as the mission statement or the vision.
  • Short Term Plan
    • Work in time boxes.
    • Start with a short term plan. These will take are of any “low hanging fruit” that you may find. You want quick wins that you could use to demonstrate the efficacy of your plan.
  • Long Term Plan
    • Define a long term plan in 6 month, 1 year, 2 year increments or more. Be flexible but stay focused.
  • Execute your plan!
    • Remember, as humans, we love stories. Communicate your execution as a story.
    • Don’t forget the “why”. Why are you doing this?
  • Report with Radical Transparency
    • Productivity – How much change in work are we delivering?
    • Value – What is the measured business value of what we’re delivering?
    • Quality – Have there been any problems?
    • Sustainability – Happiness score.
  • Just like developing a product, nothing is ever right the first time!
    • Refine your execution.
    • Refine your definition.
    • Refine your goals.





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