Agile Team Coaching

Are you interested in improving your team’s velocity? Are do you have impediments that you’re having difficulty finding a solution for? Are you working with multiple scrum teams and are having difficulty with scaling your delivery?

Jm Casler, a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach candidate with over 20 years of industry experience, is offering qualified teams and individuals batches of half hour Team Coaching sessions.


Let’s work together!

Are you a Product Owner? Scrum Master? Developer? Chief Product Owner? Scrum of Scrums Master? Release Engineer? Product Manager? Are you part of a Guild? Are you part of the Executive Meta Scrum? Executive Action Team? What ever your role, if you seek continuous improvement — we can work together.

Why Coaching?

Agile Team Coaching will help you to discover opportunities for your team to grow in an agile-first approach. We will work together to identify ways to improve both your product and team engagements. Together, we will provide needed support and strategies for your team. By utilizing active listening techniques, questioning and guidance, we will move toward the goals you have set.


Discovery -> Planning & Execution -> Refinement

We will begin forming our working relationship while discovering what you’d like to get out of our time together. Once we understand and can fully state the what we’d like to solve, we will identify a plan then execute on your strategy. As you own this strategy and execution, you’re encouraged to refine this at any time and as many times as you’d like. Has something new and important come up? Let’s talk it out.

Our approach will follow that of Scrum. We will create a backlog of challenges then have weekly sprints to plan, review, discuss and refine.


Q: How will our coaching work?

We will work together to examine and explore methods to improve your team’s velocity while also maintaining high levels of morale (productive teams have fun!). The first session will be purely exploratory in nature and allow us to have an agreement on our format and goals. After that first session, additional members of your teams are welcome and encouraged to join us.

While being Agile works best in a co-located arrangement, we will do the second best and  meet over Zoom.

Q: I have a confidentiality agreement with my company. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! Part of our working agreement will be that no proprietary information is shared and everything we do will be maintained as confidential. I would also be willing to sign an NDA if your organization prefers.

Q: Do we need all eight sessions?

The minimum number of sessions is completely up to you. I’m here to help you.

Q: I’m interested. How do we begin?

Once you fill out the form below, please give me a business day to send you a confirmation. If that date doesn’t work because of external conflicts, we’ll discuss another opportunity.

Let’s get started!

Use the calendar below to schedule our introductory meeting. Please schedule just one appointment. During our first session, we schedule a reoccurrence of based on our mutual availability.

If a slot is not available that works with your schedule, select something close and add a note with your availability. I can be accommodating for additional slots per request.

Note: The scheduler may have problem with Safari. Please use a different browser if you have problems scheduling.

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