BoomCookie Remote & Receiver

The BoomCookie Remote and BoomCookie Receiver is the first of two implementations of the DoE Flame Effects Receiver. It is wireless and can be powered by mains or with an internal battery. The remote is in a water resistant and dust proof for extreme environmental conditions.

The BoomCookie Remote interfaces with the BoomCookie Receiver.

BoomCookie Remote


  • Can be operated from both mains or battery power.
    • Standard IEC power connector for mains
    • About 10 hours on a single charge with the brightness of LED turned down.
  • HTTP Server for configuration.
  • UDP Client to communicate to the receiver.
  • About 50ms delay between Remote and Receiver.


Demo Video

In this video, we demonstrate the happy path — the sequence to make a **BOOM**

Hardware Internals

On the top lid of the remote is an array of APA102 addressable LEDs. These not only look nice but is also provides intuitive feedback on the state of the system.

Mobile Configuration

When you point your phone at the QR code located inside the enclosure, your mobile device will be taken to the device configuration page where all settings can be configured.

BoomCookie Mobile Web UI


State Machine

The state machine revolves around the “DO IT ALL” button — a single button that properly sequences all system operations will fail safe incase you lift your finger from the button.

Source Code

The source and Eagle files will be published on GitHub. If you need it soon, contact Jm.

BoomCookie Receiver


The BoomCookie Receiver takes signals from the remote and provides the hardware interface to Lucy’s BoomCookie.


  • UDP Server
  • HTTP Server for device status and statistics
  • FreeRTOS to run the internal functions on various processes on different processors.
  • Internal Watchdog to power down the outputs in the event that signal is lost from the remote during an active event.

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